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Go native accommodating people

On the poorer reservations, the natives live in small older houses or trailers.

Very few natives live in the traditional dwellings of their ancestors.

At least two to three hundred natives including men, women and children all dressed in traditional dance attire wove their way around the central plaza slowly stomping to the sonorous beat of the drummers and the exotic melody of the choir.

They continued for an hour; and after a brief interval, were replaced with another large group of dancers.

The pueblo cultural center in Albuquerque, New Mexicois an excellent example.

It was a strange mixture of Catholic Christianity mixed with an ancient native ceremony venerating the corn plant.

Most of the authentic religious ceremonies and cultural events are not open to the public.

One way of experiencing authentic Native American culture is by visiting one of the Indian cultural centers or Indian museums.

On some reservations, the tribes also sell cigarettes, alcohol or gasoline at reduced prices due to their exemption from state taxes.

The Indian reservation is the spiritual and cultural center for all members of the tribe including those living far from it.

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The Indian pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona are the rare exception where some of the natives still live in the ancient adobe communal buildings of their ancestors.