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Gravity rather intimidating

Einstein, in his genius, realized the profound implication of this situation: if gravity affects everything equally, it's not right to think of gravity as a "force" at all.

Rather, gravity is a feature of spacetime itself, through which all objects move.

When the heroes are all standing on the Zodiac (I'll get to that later) and Stan and Ford are still fighting, I was so happy that it wasn't just Stan who was being immature, that even when the fate of the world hangs in the balance Ford belittles Stan over mere grammar.

Thinking about this problem led Albert Einstein to what he called "the happiest thought of my life." Imagine an astronaut in a spaceship with no windows, and no other way to peer at the outside world.

The finale titled "Take Back the Falls" is a great blend of comedy, character development, and action (One of the best robot fights ever).

The finale pitted two seasons worth of characters against the apocalyptic forces of Bill Cipher, it culminated in a battle between a heavily modified Mystery Shack and an omnipotent Cipher, the final repairing of the relationship between Stan and Ford, and a heart-warming ending that wraps up the whole story in a neat little bow.

But a thought experiment by Galileo pointed out a flaw.

Imagine taking the piece of paper and tying it to the stone.

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The one thing that has been teased in every episode, something that has had so much secrecy and speculation around it, and it does nothing.