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Nothing they did could satisfy or appease him, because the objective was not material gain but, seemingly, the sadistic pleasure of watching them squirm as he displaced them.The roommates’ stories often start with a desperate arrival: Some emergency pushes Bachman to their doorstep; without a place to spend the night, he and his pets would be wandering the streets.He fed the animals well: for Zachary, brand-name kibble; for Abigail, a mix of dry food and organic chicken, which he diced with a serrated silver knife.They spent the nights together on the couch, drinking wine and watching one of Creek’s favorites.In an expensive and frightening ordeal that dragged on for months, Bachman slowly laid claim to the space, using his intricate knowledge of tenancy laws to stay one step ahead of her.He scuffed up the floors, kicked down the doors, and clogged the toilets with cat litter.“I find Philadelphians to be very difficult,” he said.

Over the years, she told me, other roommates had written to her; working with them and with public records, I soon identified a dozen victims of Bachman’s, spread up and down the East Coast.In 2012, Bachman had shown up at the home of a woman across town named Melissa Frost, claiming to be a New Yorker whose home had been destroyed in Hurricane Sandy.Overcome with pity, Frost let him in — and nearly lost her house.For Frost, it was the hurricane, and for Miller, a sickly relative in need of Bachman’s aid.But for others, an alcoholic roommate or a sudden change in employment did the trick.

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Creek was a lawyer from New York, but he had grown up just outside Philadelphia, only a few minutes’ drive from Miller’s apartment in the city’s well-to-do neighborhood of Chestnut Hill.