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Relative positioning lets you move a specified number of rows forward or backward from the current row.

You can also use the JSP Source Editor by clicking the Source Editor tab next to the Design tab at the bottom of the page.JSP technology provides a simple, fast way to create server-independent and platform-independent dynamic Web content. This extension notifies the Web server that the page should be processed by a JSP container.The JSP container interprets the JSP tags and scriptlets, generates the content required, and sends the results back to the client as an HTML or XML page.You must specify the number of rows and columns for the table, and all the table tags are automatically created. For login, insert, edit, and delete operations, additional JSP pages are created to process these forms.To understand how the JSP pages in this application are interrelated, refer to Figure 1-2.

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To develop JSP pages, you use some or all of the following: Because JSP pages are presented to users as HTML or XML, you can control the presentation of data in the same way as you would for static HTML and XML pages.