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“These guys who watch the channel have seen it all before and Olivia comes in up for anything and I think that’s why everyone fell in love with her.”Munn was an instant hit—and she’s stayed grateful to those fans these four past years. “I will never be like that.“You know what hit me yesterday? “I've never in my life had anyone say that they would stand up for me and defend me.

It did, however, take a beat to adjust to being well-known on the Internet.“At first it was like an old man luring in little girls with candy... My mother is the best now but my ex-stepfather was terrible.

"If I tried to please everyone, I'd please no one.

So I might as well stick to saying what I think." (When Best Week Ever poked fun at her PETA campaign, she was not kind.)Still, she gets emotional thinking about her journey.

“It means I’m ridiculously overprepared for everything, but especially work. “I also have the urge to clean a lot.”Whatever happens, Munn isn't going be any less outspoken than she has been. Having sex with a guy once is worth it.”“We just wanted to make sure our sense of humor clicked with hers,” said Albanese.Munn will continue to host Attack of the Show in Los Angeles while filming segments for The Daily Show on both coasts.After studying theater and journalism at the University of Oklahoma, she flew out to L. and immediately landed parts in the Rob Schneider comedy Big Stan, a recurring role on the Nickelodeon show Beyond the Break, and lots of modeling and commercial work. Munn has personally organized mass meet-ups with herself and members of OMFG (Olivia Munn Fan Group), will spend hours signing autographs, and her website is custom-built to cater to her most ardent admirers.Then she auditioned for G4’s Attack of the Show, a talk show for tech geeks that was seeking, well, a broader, less geeky audience.“She’s totally unfiltered and our viewers immediately got and appreciated that,” said G4 President Neal Tiles. It’s filled with regular updates, lots of sexy pictures and her homemade videos of random silliness. A video of her dancing with stormtroopers in the streets of Shibuya. No reason in particular.) She’s unafraid to keep things real when it comes to her level of celebrity, too.“I cannot put my mind around celebrities who aren't thankful or who don’t take pictures with fans,” Munn said.

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Less than 48 hours after her Daily Show debut, Munn found herself crying while alone on an airplane.