Liquidating trust investment company act

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Liquidating trust investment company act

the issuer of a fractional undivided interest in an oil, gas, or other mineral lease or in payments out of production under a lease, right, or royalty is the owner of an interest in the lease or in payments out of production under a lease, right, or royalty, whether whole or fractional, that creates fractional interests for the purpose of sale; 20.

"Nonissuer transaction" or "nonissuer distribution" means a transaction or distribution not directly or indirectly for the benefit of the issuer; 21. "Person" means an individual; corporation; business trust; estate; trust; partnership; limited liability company; association; joint venture; government, governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality; public corporation; or any other legal or commercial entity; 23.

a publisher of a bona fide newspaper, news magazine, or business or financial publication of general and regular circulation, e. any other person excluded by rule adopted or order issued under this act; 18. is an agent whose performance of investment advice is solely incidental to the individual acting as an agent and who does not receive special compensation for investment advisory services, or c.

"Investment adviser representative" means an individual employed by or associated with an investment adviser or federal covered investment adviser and who makes any recommendations or otherwise gives investment advice regarding securities, manages accounts or portfolios of clients, determines which recommendation or advice regarding securities should be given, provides investment advice or holds herself or himself out as providing investment advice, receives compensation to solicit, offer, or negotiate for the sale of or for selling investment advice, or supervises employees who perform any of the foregoing. is excluded by rule adopted or order issued under this act; a.

"Securities and Exchange Commission" means the United States Securities and Exchange Commission; 32. Section 78aaa et seq.), "Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act of 1998" (112 Stat. Section 661 et seq.), and "Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act" (15 U. A federal covered security specified in Section 18(b)(1) of the Securities Act of 1933 (15 U. the security does not constitute the whole or part of an unsold allotment to, or a subscription or participation by, the broker-dealer as an underwriter of the security or a redistribution, and d.

a trust, if it has total assets in excess of Ten Million Dollars (,000,000.00), its trustee is a depository institution, and its participants are exclusively plans of the types identified in subparagraph f or g of this paragraph, regardless of the size of their assets, except a trust that includes as participants self-directed individual retirement accounts or similar self-directed plans, i. Section 501(c)(3)), corporation, Massachusetts trust or similar business trust, limited liability company, or partnership, not formed for the specific purpose of acquiring the securities offered, with total assets in excess of Ten Million Dollars (,000,000.00), j. Section 681(c)) with total assets in excess of Ten Million Dollars (,000,000.00), k. Section 80b-2(a)(22)) with total assets in excess of Ten Million Dollars (,000,000.00), l. "International banking institution" means an international financial institution of which the United States is a member and whose securities are exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933; 17.includes as an "investment contract" an investment in a common enterprise with the expectation of profits to be derived primarily from the efforts of a person other than the investor and a "common enterprise" means an enterprise in which the fortunes of the investor are interwoven with those of either the person offering the investment, a third party, or other investors, e. A nonissuer transaction by or through a broker-dealer registered or exempt from registration under this act in an outstanding security if the guarantor of the security files reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the reporting requirements of Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (15 U. has a fixed maturity or a fixed interest or dividend, if: (1) a default has not occurred during the current fiscal year or within the three (3) previous fiscal years or during the existence of the issuer and any predecessor if less than three (3) fiscal years, in the payment of principal, interest, or dividends on the security, and (2) the issuer is engaged in business, is not in the organizational stage or in bankruptcy or receivership, and is not and has not been within the previous twelve (12) months a blank check, blind pool, or shell company that has no specific business plan or purpose or has indicated that its primary business plan is to engage in a merger or combination of the business with, or an acquisition of, an unidentified person; 6.includes as an "investment contract," among other contracts, an interest in a limited partnership and a third party managed limited liability company and an investment in a viatical or life settlement or similar contract or agreement, f. Section 1701 et seq.), "Commodity Exchange Act" (7 U. A nonissuer transaction by or through a broker-dealer registered or exempt from registration under this act effecting an unsolicited order or offer to purchase; 7."Price amendment" means the amendment to a registration statement filed under the Securities Act of 1933 or, if an amendment is not filed, the prospectus or prospectus supplement filed under the Securities Act of 1933 that includes a statement of the offering price, underwriting and selling discounts or commissions, amount of proceeds, conversion rates, call prices, and other matters dependent upon the offering price; 26."Principal place of business" of a broker-dealer or an investment adviser means the executive office of the broker-dealer or investment adviser from which the officers, partners, or managers of the broker-dealer or investment adviser direct, control, and coordinate the activities of the broker-dealer or investment adviser; 27. a person who, acting alone or in concert with one or more persons, takes the entrepreneurial initiative in founding or organizing the business or enterprise of an issuer, b.

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