Lloyd roenbeck dating

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Lloyd roenbeck dating

Outstanding Live Sports Special Super Bowl XLIX — NBC — Seattle Seahawks vs.

New England Patriots Executive Producers Sam Flood, Mark Lazarus Coordinating Producer Fred Gaudelli Segment Producers Kevin Brown, Drew Devine, Brian Gordon, Ken Hirdt, Pierre Moossa, Mike Ryan Sideline Producer Michele Froman Replay Producers Rob Hyland, Kaare Numme Director Drew Esocoff Associate Producers Ryan Burke, Michael Eisenstein, Wade Junco, Ryan Meyers, Timothy Nelson, Ryan Pettys, David Polk, Vincent Rao, Michael Seib, Joshua Veltrie, Alex Wolochuk Senior Associate Director Charlie Vanacore Associate Directors Brigette Boginis, Charles Dammeyer Outstanding Live Sports Series NASCAR on FOX — FOX/FOX Sports 1 Executive Producers John Entz, David Nathanson, Eric Shanks Coordinating Producers Bill Richards, Jacob Ullman, Richie Zyontz Producers Josh Earl, Barry Landis, Pam Miller Feature Producers David Blatt, Jackie Bower, Justin Burnett, Chris Pizzi, Jennifer Pransky Directors Artie Kempner, Derek Manning Associate Producers Scott Clark, Rich Flanagan, Lindsey Mandia, Paul Marmaro, Dan Masi, Gina Mazzella, Jeremy Mennell, Jonah Meyer, Eric Olen, Chris Raiskup, Chris Smith, Jordan Wolff Operations Producers Scott Lembke, Dustin Myers, Jack Simmons Associate Directors Flavia Bowen, Daren Foster, Jeremy Green, Rich Gross, Jacob Jolivette, Eric Mandia, Tom Shaffery Outstanding Edited Sports Coverage Sound FX — NFL Network Super Bowl XLVIII — [NFL Films] Executive Producers Howard Katz, Patrick Kelleher, Ross Ketover, Mark Quenzel, Brian Rolapp, Eric Weinberger Producer Paul Camarata Segment Producers Shannon Furman, Erik Powers, Gerry Reimel, Brian Rosenfeld, Chip Swain, Angela Torma, Michelle Girardi Zumwalt Outstanding Edited Sports Special E: 60 — ESPN2 Executive Producers Vince Doria, John Skipper, Andy Tennant, John Wildhack Supervising Producers Vin Cannamela, Heather Lombardo Coordinating Producers Michael Baltierra, Ben Houser Feature Producers Max Brodsky, Mike Johns, Aaron Johnson, Martin Khodabakhshian, Dan Lindberg, Matt Rissmiller Producers Chris Connelly, Jeremy Schaap, Bob Woodruff Associate Producers Jeff Bollacke, Michael Bollacke, Bryan Brousseau, Kaiti Decker, Lisa Edward, Aaron Frutman, Mathew Furuta, Vincent Guglielmina, Toby Hershkowitz, Phil Iglesias, Stephen Keaney, Mike Mapes, Thom Mc Callum, Ian Mc Grew, Anthony Melfi, Megan Anderson Rinaldi, Ray Palagy, Kaline Shounce Editors Paul Carruthers, Marlon Hidalgo, Nate Hogan, Jennifer Holt, Tim Horgan, Matt Mc Cormick, Tim Spero, Warren Wolcott Outstanding Playoff Coverage NFC Championship Game — FOX Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks Executive Producers John Entz, Eric Shanks Coordinating Producers Bill Richards, Jacob Ullman Producer Richie Zyontz Directors Stephanie Medina, Rich Russo Associate Producers Zac Fields, Rich Flanagan, Steve Horn, Alex Olsen, Joshua Perea, Brandon Terralavoro, Jordan Wolff Operations Producers Scott Lembke, Dustin Myers, Jack Simmons Senior Associate Director Greg Scoppettone Associate Directors Rich Gross, Jacob Jolivette, Eric Mandia, Tom Shaffery, Courtney Stockmal Outstanding Sports Documentary We Could Be King — ESPNews [Tribeca Digital Studios] Executive Producers Ryan Eckel, Lauren Hobart, Gary Krieg, Edward W. Carney Producers Caitlin Mae Burke, Ruchi Mital Producer/Director Judd Ehrlich Editors Chris Iversen, David Lieberman Outstanding Sports Documentary Series 30 for 30 — ESPN [ESPN Films] Executive Producer John Dahl, Connor Schell, Bill Simmons Senior Producers Libby Geist, Erin Leyden, Dan Silver Producers Jason Bergh, Andy Billman, David Check, Dion Cocoros, Aaron Cohen, Gary Cohen, Marquis Daisy, Doug Ellin, Deirdre Fenton, Castor Fernandez, David Gavant, Kenan Holley, Bomani Jones, David Karabinas, Sean Kelly, Gentry Kirby, Jim Lefkowitz, Matt Mc Donald, Katie Mc Neill, Danny Meiseles, Jamie Patricof, Tom Picard, Chip Rives, Ouisie Shapiro, Alfred Spellman Directors Billy Corben, Marquis Daisy, Mario Diaz, Ezra Edelman, Ryan Fleck, Cayman Grant, Joe Lavine, Za k Levitt, Thaddeus D.

Instructors: Anthony Cowie, Senior Vice President, Swiss Re America Holding Corporation Jay Sogliuzzo, Senior Underwriter, Gen Re, Global Marine James Fogarty, Marine, Specialty, Composite Aon Benfield, Global Re Specialty CPCU Continuing Education Credits: NAMS: 6 Credits SAMS: 6 Credits State Insurance Departments: 6 credits in NY, NJ, TX Program Features: Continental Breakfast Lunch Handouts & Lecture Notes Special Assistance In Compliance with the American's with Disabilities Act, AIMU will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities at its meetings. Miklus at (212) 233-0550 Refunds/Cancellations/Substitutions Refund requests will be honored if received at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled start date.

Specific topics that will be covered include: • Treaty, facultative and various approaches to structuring a program • Typical information required and how it is used in the underwriting process • Highlights of a marine reinsurance treaty contract including the reasons for the marine specific clauses • Case studies illustrating how program structure choices can influence the pre- and post-loss financial outcomes Who Should Attend: Insurance company underwriters, claims professionals, agents or brokers with a minimum of 5 years experience in the marine insurance industry.

Interpersonal Skills - Communication - Attitude - Respect - Enthusiasm K.

Accountability for Results - Take ownership of your work - Take pride in your work PART IICARGO CLAIMS 1. Conveyances, duration, valuation, geographical limits, goods insured, terms of sale, shipment reporting methods.

All refunds will be subject to a processing fee of 4%.

Please call John Miklus at Refunds/Cancellations/Substitutions Refund requests will be honored if received at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled start date.

Who Should Attend: Insurance company claims personnel, agents and brokers, transportation shippers and carriers, maritime attorneys, risk managers, independent surveyors, claims adjusters, average adjusters, salvors, subrogation and recovery employees. Problem Solving / Creativity - Analyze coverage - Proper investigation - Vendor Selection - Surveyor, Attorney and Experts - Business strategy for case handling - Document thought process in file notes D.

Substitutions may be made by notifying AIMU via email or in person on the day of the event.

Cancellations received after the refund deadline and "no shows" are subject to the full registration fees.

Matula, Michael Rapaport Associate Producers Jenna Anthony, Spencer Barry, Vin D’Anton, Brian D’Ostilio, Maria Delgado, Amanda Kresge, Jennifer Thorpe, Matt Zwetolitz Editors Kevin Barth, Tal Ben-David, David Cypkin, Bret Granato, Dan Marks, Andrew Morreale, A. E., Nick Packer, Christos Pathiakis, Jeff Reilly AND All Access — Showtime Executive Producers Jason Bowers, Stephen Espinoza, Earl Fash, Ross Greenburg, Jody Heaps, Floyd Mayweather Coordinating Producer Hal Schiff Senior Producer Josh Glaser Supervising Producers Jesse Cook, Alicia Corven, Danon Hinty, Scott Kono, Jason Mamen, Cecile Murias, Nikki Spetseris, Alicia Zubikowski Producers Bob Bodziner, Michael Brown, Brad Buckwalter, Jackie Decker, Bryan Delancey, Nick Eisenberg, Lindsey Felling, Jeff Fisher, Justin Fredericks, Steve Lamme, Adam Marinelli, Tim Mullen, Chris Nizza, Matt O’Connor, Andrew Romero, Ollie Stokes, Christian Winters Director Jason Bowers Associate Producers Melissa Alferez, Colin Beattie, Ryan Francini, Francesco Guastella, Sofia Santana Outstanding Studio Show – Weekly College Game Day — ESPN Football Executive Producers Robert Braunlich, Chris Calcinari, Vince Doria, Mark Gross, Jodi Markley, John Skipper, John Walsh, Dave Weiler, John Wildhac k Senior Coordinating Producers Lee Fitting, David Miller, Victor Vitarelli Coordinating Producers Drew Gallagher, Lydelle King, José Morales Supervising Producers Luther Fisher, Tom Gianakos, Rand Joseph, Michael Lake, Lindsey Lloyd, Judi Weiss, Keri Willis Producers Matthew Brooks, Nicholas Sciallo, Jonathan Whyley Feature Producers Luis Aldea, Chris Fallica, Jon Fish, Celia Kelly, Kristen Lappas, Sandra Rosenbush, Benjamin Webber, George Whitfield Senior Coordinating Director Jay Francis Coordinating Director Lorenzo Lamadrid Directors Tom Lucas, Biana Peltin Associate Producers Patrick Abrahams, Adam Bauer, Ben Branch, Alexander Brewer, Geoffrey Brown, Christina Clancy, Lee Clark, Richard Dorner, Jarrod Ficklin, Randy French, Chris Fulton, Zachary Gilbert, Lexy Gonzalez, Chad Hanna, Kirk Henry, Dirk Howard, Anthony Jaeger, Tricia Jelle, Lia Kozlak, Devin Kragh, Robert Labay, Brie Michaels, Duncan Morgan, Jason Morris, Kristal Nadeau, Rob Parker, Steven Ponder, Daniel Reifert, Tim Richard, Michael Ruhlman, Kevin Sanchez, Gregory Shapiro, Fu Takumi, Ken Wagner, Dan Weiner, Mark Williamson, Gene Wilson, Dawn Wind Associate Director Joseph Iuliano Outstanding Studio Show – Daily MLB Tonight — MLB Network Executive Producers Rob Mc Glarry, Tony Petitti Senior Coordinating Producers Bruce Cornblatt Dave Patterson, Mike Santini Coordinating Producers Joshua Bernstein, Mark Caiafa, Rich Ciancimino, Mitch Green, Fred King, Ethan Kleinberg, Michael Konner, Chris Mallory, Bryan Meyers, Chris Pfeiffer, Marc Weiner Senior Producers Daniel Coldwell, Will Folger, Doug Jaclin, Elliott Kalb, Jed Tuminaro Producers Greg Amsinger, John Barnes, Scott Braun, Andrew Brenner, Eric Byrnes, Mark Capalbo, Sean Casey, Fran Charles, William Cope, Mark De Rosa, Cliff Floyd, Peter Gammons, Darryl Hamilton, Micah Karg, Brian Kenny, Dan Komyati, Al Leiter, Mike Lowell, Joe Magrane, Martin Montalto, Dan Plesac, Daniel Presser, Harold Reynolds, Bill Ripken, Christopher Roenbeck, Ken Rosenthal, Rich Savino, Paul Severino, John Smoltz, Nick Steger, Matt Vasgersian, Tom Verducci, Justin White, Matt Yallof Segment Producers Sanford Appell, Patrick Armstrong, Derek Callahan, Chris Collins, Tony Ferraiolo, Ben Friedfeld, Annie Gottlieb, Anthony Jimenez, Sean Loughl in, Premier Maldonado, Nate Purinton, Steve Rodriguez, Jason Roy, Bruce Schein, Jim Serratore, Scott Sokol, James Urban, Jon Wenk Coordinating Director Mark Deaver Directors Lucas Altman, Rich Beczynski, Dave Hagen, Tom Healy, Jay Kincaid, Eli Lazar, Jason Lobb, Michael Martin, Tom Meberg, John Moore, Greg Stern, Michael Torello Senior Associate Producers Marc Adelberg, Alan Goldstein Associate Producers Andrew Adams, Ashley Allen, Erik Altano, Michael Ardizzone, Chris Arnowich, Carmine Arpaia, Matthew Baker, Andrew Batti, Andrew Baumhor, Michael Benjamin, Andrew Berwald, Todd Betzag, Ron Bishow, David Blattman, Chris Bonetti, Christopher Bracey, Eileen Bramswig, Dimitri Browne, James Broyd, Nicholas Buffum, Chase Butler, Dom Campana, Chris Cerbo, Josh Chaplin, Bradley Chen, Jessica Ciancimino, Matthew Ciancimino, Garry Clark, Jack Cognetta, Jenna Colletti, Kevin Cooper, Andrew Cooper-Leary, Keith Costas, Justin Crowell, Steven Cuce, John Daly, Vincent Dapolito, Michael De Jong, Scott Dempsey, Shawn Desmond, Mike Dooley, Matt Dorf, Robert Dougherty, Steve Dugan, Sherman Fabes, Jon Fazio, Francis Fernandez, Natalie Finkelstein, Lorraine Fisher, Richard Fried, Timothy Fryer, Arnold Fucci, Rory Fugazy, Brian Gallagher, Sean Gelman, Scott Gimber, Steve Giue, Jim Glynn, Ken Gold, Patricia Gonzalez, Mark Grillo, Art Guglielmo, Patrick Guthrie, Brandt Hale, Ian Harmand, BJ Harring, Adam Helfgott, Gina Hemphill, Mark Hennig, Nick Hesketh, Dennis Hirdt, Ken Hirdt, Grant Hutchinson, Jesse Hutchinson, Alex Hyacinthe, Sean Hyland, Steve Inman, William Joel, David Koplik, Mark Kraus, Jon Kreitler, Daniel Krieg, Casey Kulik, Annie Langley, Jordan Levinson, JD Lindberg, Marissa Lombardi, Brett Lopolito, Tom Loughran, Evan Lubell, Alex Lupica, Stefanie Manisero, Matt Marini, Kristen Martin, Moses Massena, Marc Matcham, Kristin Mc Call, Jeremy Mc Carthy, John Mc Vey, Herlentz Mesidor, Elsa Mimmo, Patrick Minton, Justin Mintzes, Justin Misano, Eric Mollo, Brandon Moye, Andrew Murphy, Brian Murphy, James Murphy, Michael Napolitano, Jim Nolan, Craig Nordquist, Nick Novielli, Matthew Oelbaum, John O’Malley, Steve Patterson, Mike Pielech, Juliana Pignataro, Jordan Rebimbas, Andrew Reich, Ian Ritter, Belinda Rodriguez, Daniel Rodriguez, Eric Rossi, Adam Rozwadowski, Brian Sales, Chris Scalzo, Stephanie Scarpulla , Corey Scheiner, Amelia Schimmel, David Scordato, Jason Seekamp, Alex Shapiro, John Silk, Matt Small, Corey Smith, Ryan Smith, Kirsten Sobecki, Eric Sole, Deana Speck, Samantha Spence, Scott Spinelli, Kevin Stewart, Ryan Sullivan, Ian Theodoridis, Josh ua Toolajian, Michael Treanor, Sarah Tucci, Luke Uttaro, David Van Moffaert, Ryan Velez, Marci Villanueva, Jordan Wallach, Robert Wass, John Welch, 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Coordinating Producer Nick Dolin Coordinating Producer Tim Walker Producer Maggie Burbank Co-Producer Katie Melone Associate Producer Stuart Ash Reporter Jon Frankel Outstanding Short Feature FOX Sports Live — Corked: The Albert Belle Bat Heist Executive Producers Scott Ackerson, John Entz, Michael Hughes, David Nathanson, Eric Shanks Coordinating Producer Yaron Deskalo Producer Todd Kapostasy Associate Producers Matt Cozza, Mark James Outstanding Long Feature E: 60 — ESPN2 Owen and Haatchi Executive Producers Craig Bengtson, Vince Doria, Andy Tennant Coordinating Producers Michael Baltierra, Ben Houser Supervising Producers Vin Cannamela, Heather Lombardo Associate Producers Bob Bryan, Brian Rivera, Jon Roche, Thom Stukas Reporter Tom Rinaldi Editor Dave Lynch, Matt Mc Cormick, Tim Spero Outstanding Open/Tease E: 60 — ESPN2 Dream On: Stories of Boston’s Strongest Executive Producer Andy Tennant Coordinating Producers Michael Baltierra, Ben Houser Supervising Producers Vin Cannamela, Heather Lombardo Producer Martin Khodabakhshian, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler Director Casey Tebo Associate Producers Jeremy Davis, Kaiti Decker, Lisa Edward, Matthew Firestone, Stephen Keaney, Lori Loftus, Robert O’Reilly, Phil Reilly, Megan Anderson Rinaldi, Justin Stokes, Kevin Wilson Associate Directors Bryan Brousseau, Kaline Shounce Editors Tim Horgan, Tim Spero Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Event Coverage The XXII Olympic Winter Games — Executive Producers Jim Bell, Richard Cordella, Mark Lazarus, Gary Zenkel Coordinating Producers Rebecca Chatman, Dave Gabel, Joe Gesue Senior Producers Eric Black, Wally Bruckner, Shelby Campbell, Christopher Creed, Peter Diamond, Rob Dustin, Troy Ewanchyna, David Faulknor, John Fritsche, Brian Gilmore, Christopher Hall, Eric Hamilton, Clarence Hau, Jack Jackson, Darryl Jefferson, Mark Levy, Scott Lozea, Jillian Macdonald, Laurence Master, David Mazza, Matthew Millson, Kevin Monaghan, Thomas Seeley, Lana Sherman Producers Alan Abrahamson, 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Slouffman Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Programming The XXII Olympic Winter Games — As the Athletes Experienced Them Executive Producers Jim Bell, Richard Cordella, Mark Lazarus, Gary Zenkel Coordinating Producers Rebecca Chatman, David Gabel, Joe Gesue, Mark Levy Senior Producers Eric Black, Wally Bruckner, Shelby Campbell, David Faulknor, Brian Gilmore, Christopher Hall, Eric Hamilton, Darryl Jefferson, Scott Lozea, Thomas Seeley Producers Vincent Accardi, Alexa Ainsworth, Matthew Allen, Daniel Cuthbert, Tom Davidson, Lauren Fein, Jack Felling, David Gibson, Alex Goldberger, Rob Hyland, Brian Longenecker, Billy Matthews, John Mc Guiness, David Mueller, Kaare Numme, Phil Parrish, Erik Paulsen, Suzie Paxton, Josette Persson, David Picker, Clifton Pugh, Gary Quinn, Peter Ringer, John Rizzo, Tom Roy, Corey Sadler, Lori Sandrock, Michael Schanzer, Nicole Swink, Sydney Thayer, Jim Thompson, Hector Venegas Associate Producers Michelle Birch, Nikki Bongaerts, Marissa Boyajian, Julie 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Reynolds — MLB Network Outstanding Sports Personality – Sports Event Analyst Cris Collinsworth — NBC Outstanding Sports Personality – Sports Reporter Ken Rosenthal — FOX/FOX Sports 1/MLB Network Outstanding Technical Team Remote The XXII Olympic Winter Games — NBC Technical Supervisors Alexander Abelman, Jason Abrams, Christopher Adams, Terry Adams, Susan Aglietti, John Arvelo, Andrei Belousov, Anna Berg, Craig Bernstein, Paola Bezek, Kamaldeep Bhangle, Marsha Bird, William Blachly, Joanne Brentnall, Donald Breshears, Peter Brosnan, Don Burkhart, Kevin Callahan, Nicholas Cap, Lillian Cereghino, Robert Chaney, David Crane, Bridget Cugle, Christopher Davies, Benjamin Charles De Montagnac, Cathy Dear, Michael Donoghue, James Eady, Locke Eady, Shea Eady, Derek Ehmen, James Ellis, Christina Fenaroli, John Fritsche, Jodie Gambrill, Frederic Garroy, Martins Gaujenieks, John Geiger, Guillermo Germade, Marissa Gidez, Edward Goldberg, Hilary Goldberg, Kenneth Goss, Matthew Green, Peter Grinter, 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Tristian Bickerton, William Blanchard, Alexander Bond, Martin Brosthaus, Matthew Brown, Michael Callihan, Peter Chalmers, Joseph Cirincione Jr, Laurence Cockayne, Elizabeth Crossan, Vincent Cuviello, Stephen Davies, Jason Deutsch, Graham Drew, Paul Francis, William Gahagan, Stacey Georgiou, Hamish Greig, Marco Griffin, Kristen Gruca, Ian Gunn, Simon Halliday, Joseph Hannafin, Alexander Harvey, Michael Herbert, George Hogan, David Hughes, Filino Hutagalung, Andrew Jarzebiak, Kevin King, Judith Kiraly, Robert Kurimay, Jeffrey Lind, Bryan Mc Koen, Frederick Medeiros, Nicholas Mellor, Harris Mendheim, Floris Molijn, Mark Morel, Michael Nockels, Robin Onck, Erik Onifer, Richard Owers, Michael Peloso, Michael Peterson, Gregory Pfeifer, Hugh Potter, Graham Rendell, David Robertson, John Rose Jr, Christopher Sarson, Donald Sears Jr, Anthony Craig Sommerer, Christopher Stanbridge, James Stewart, Joshua Stoner, Jason Sturgill, Harvey Szajt, Harris Upham, Kendrick Young Outstanding Technical Team Studio Premier League — NBC/NBCSN Technical Supervisors Richard Bagnall, Todd Bivona, Duncan Bromley, Blaire Burns, Tim Canary, Rose Carr, John Charlton, Angela Claudio, Chris Connolly, Joe Cook, Jim Davidson, Ian Dawes-Kuchta, Ashish Desai, Carlos Duarte, James Ellis, Mike Endersby, Elizabeth Eng, Frank Fernandez, Holly Gascoigne, Stacey Georgiou, Sarah Gordon-Jones, Ken Goss, David Grindley, Debra Gunn, Harry Hamamura, Darryl Jefferson, Dotan Johnson, Crag Kaufman, Laura Klein, Magdalena Kolodziej, Craig Lau, Rob Laug, Scott Lozea, Steve Marchi, Trish Mckillip, Rob Mcknight, Lisa Mcleod, Mike Meehan, Jim Miles, Rohan Mitchell, Paul Molnar, Nick Morgan, Kathy Mosolino, Owen Norris, Jon Ort, Lisa Ponsford, Tom Popple, Sarah Racho, Randy Raddatz, Robert Sanders, Ollie Scott, Harry Smith, J. 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Kaline Schounce, Michael Sciallis, Kevin Shaw Camerapersons Jeff Alred, Roberto Ballesteros, Vincent Guglielmina, Timothy N.

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Instructors: George Boothby, Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U. Decision Making - Gather and analyze information and documentation - Develop plan for claim resolution - Make a timely decision and proceed E.

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