Nairobi hookups site

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Nairobi hookups site

shows signs of a disturbing mental illness, the Secret Service Agent in charge of him turns to her ex-husband, a physician, who finds a physical cause in a medical thriller., Sergio de la. A sprawling novel where football and crime intersect when the daughter of the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is left a New Jersey football franchise and a criminal mastermind in Rikers Island plans one of the most audacious crimes of all time., Bill. The manager of a San Francisco bookstore who escaped the war in the Balkans years before discovers that someone from her past is alive and bent on revenge., Charlton. When the founder of a medical technology start-up finds his work and life a shambles, he calls on a company to take him out of his life and give him a new one, but he soon begins to wonder about his old life and what actually happened, so much so, that he decides to break the one rulereturn to his old life--in a suspenseful thriller., 27.00) Apr. Miss Julia discovers that a nosy do-gooder has made plans to by the house next door to Hazel Marie to establish a home for wayward teenaged girls, but could there be a more nefarious purpose for the property? series finds her taking up the cold case of a man convicted of murdering his wife, a case that may be related to the suicide of an eccentric blogger and the kidnapping of the grandson of a millionaire., D. Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru (Peg, 25.95) Apr. When an old nemesisa rich psychopath responsible for three murdersis elected to the U. Senate (where she fits right in), Lucas Davenport follows her to Washington to confront her., Lisa. In a domestic thriller, a woman is delighted when the daughter she lost custody of years before now wants to live with her and her second husband, but things do not go well, resulting in the daughters murder and the husbands arrest., Paige. American Delaney Nichols working at a bookshop in Edinburgh becomes interested in the tale of Burke and Hare who overly zealously provided bodies for an anatomist at the medical college in the nineteenth century, but when a medical student is found dead with a skull placed next to her body, she decides to investigate. When a debut novelist is rescued from the bottom of a pool, her family insists that it was another suicide attempt, but the woman insists that she was pushed, despite the fact that she has no memory of the incident in a twisty novel of memory, lies, and ratcheting suspense. investigates the bombing death of a Phoenix journalist forty years ago, a case the solution to which left numerous questions unanswered, but the reopened investigation leads to a new series of murders, re-enactments of the citys mobster past., August. A debut thriller about a young State Department intern who survives a terror attack in Ankara only to find herself on the run from both the Turkish intelligence service and the CIA because she may have witnessed something, something that she cannot remember., Daniela. When a Munich bookseller receives word that the body of her beloved grandmother has been found in an upstate New York forest preserve, she flies to New York to find out what happened in an intergenerational family mystery that spans one hundred years, two World Wars, and two continents., Ruth. When the Fairy Tale Cupcake bakery is hired to make cupcakes for a book-signing event with an author who wrote a blockbuster novel filled with steamy local gossip, life is sweetuntil the author is found dead., Debra. In the first of a new series, a lifestyle entrepreneur must turn sleuth when her sister is the main suspect in the murder of a rival real estate agent during a garden tour., Kristen. Valentine Harris is asked to provide pies for a pie-eating contest at a fake Western ghost town in northern California, but the discovery of the body of the bartender turns the experience less than sweet., Rebecca. In the first of a series, an archaeologist is called in when a body is found in a well, but the discovery of the skeletal remains of a woman and an infant dating from Tudor times is not the only mystery in the areathe owners of the property where the bones were found claim their house is haunted and the local vicar is receiving abusive phone calls. A woman who has had severe panic attacks since she was a child after her father murdered her mother returns to her childhood home in northern Denmark with her young son to confront her memories, but finds that dredging up the past can be dangerous.. In the second in this Israeli espionage series, psychopathic agent 10483 is seeking revenge against those he feels were responsible for his betrayal by tracking down a nuclear warhead, but two groups within the Organization are on his trail. A Korean American searching for her twin sister who was kidnapped on a South Korean beach by North Korean operatives learns that she may still be alive thirty years later and agrees to work for the CIA to go undercover in North Korea to find her., Jean-Patrick. An unfinished noir novel featuring a war correspondent who also acts as a spy in various geopolitical hotspots over her forty year career, including author notes that suggest how it might have ended., Alexander. Precious and Grace investigate the case of a woman who claims she was fired unjustly from her job, even as Precious must deal with personal problems of her own including the reappearance of her disreputable ex and the appearance of an unknown sister., Derek B. A Norwegian police inspector travels to upstate New York to search for her missing brother, the suspect in the death of his lover, who was thrown out of a window, and when she joins forces with a local sheriff, she finds that things are quite different in America., Lawrence. Two female tourists in Hydra, Greece, one British and one American, discover a Syrian immigrant on the beach and help him, putting in place a plan for revenge with deadly consequences. is planning to leave for Berlin in 1940, but first she agrees to help the secretary to a well-known publisher who fears someone is trying to kill her, a case that involves her in the publishing world of the time and a missing manuscript about goings-on at Alcatraz., Stephen Robert. A French Jewish doctor who volunteered to help Mengele and other SS doctors at Auschwitz to save his family is working as a physician in the U. after WWII when another former prisoner tells him that one of the worst of the doctors is also living and practicing medicine in the U. and tries to convince him to help him kill the doctor., Karen Lee. FBI agent Magnus Craig investigates a case where body parts are sent to a Federal Judge in El Paso, using his special skill of synesthesia to track down the killer., Michael. An FBI agent is willing to accept an unsubstantiated confession in a murder case even though the woman confessing is known as a liar and gives incorrect details about what happened because the case brings back memories of the inexplicable death of his own mother when he was a child., Rachel. A powerful novel featuring a woman who is serving a life sentence for murder, separated from her young son and incarcerated with a group of women who are compassionately and unsentimentally portrayed., Joe R. When a couple show up at Haps wedding they ask the PI pair to investigate the disappearance of an accountant in a nearby town, a case that puts them in contact with a hog farmer who wants to create a segregated white utopia with the help of local yokels., Owen. A woman who captains a salvage boat along the Alaskan coastline finds herself and her crew in danger when a Japanese freighter carrying a man who stole more than million in bearer bonds from the Yakuza founders in a stormand the gangsters want their money back., Kristen. PI Roxane Weary is hired by a man who thinks his fiance is having an affair and, when she is shot in the street, he becomes a murder suspect, but as Roxane investigates the victims life she discovers that the woman had been involved with a group of con artists scamming the elderly., G. Max Tudor investigates the murder suicide of the lady of the manor and her young lover during a writers retreat, but the disappearance of a young girl and threats against a crime writer up the stakes., Rob. London medical examiner Harry Kent is summoned to look into the stabbing suicide of a pediatrician who had been fired after reporting irregularities in patient care, in particular the deaths of four young patients., G. will be hosting fun and exciting events throughout the year, such as quiz nights and casual get-togethers for members and their friends to enjoy.We also encourage our members to host their own events (big or small) with our easy to use event-listing feature, helping like-minded so that our members can stay in full control of their own profile. Naomi Black, a blind former police detective, is asked by a friend to help investigate the death of an artist and successful forger despite the fact that the police view the death as natural causes, in a case involving the murder of a gallery owner and the theft of his paintings., Barbara. Antiques dealer Brandy must help when her mother decides to run for county sheriff, but when they visit the local assisted living home to corral votes for the campaign, a series of murders occur, forcing them to find a killer before theres nobody left to vote for Vivian., Mary Kay. When an attorney is summoned by a wealthy elderly woman to her home, she is surprised that the woman wants her to help to protect her land from developers and to set things right from a long-ago murder in a tale of friendships renewed, true love found, and justice delivered. This is the first hardcover appearance for this charming, cozy series., 26.00) Apr. After Village Blend turns into a hookup hotspot due to a smartphone dating app, Clare finds the body of a lothario who left broken hearts aplenty and must swipe through the suspects to find a killer.. Sam and Remi Fargo must find a legendary automobilethe prototype of the famous car that disappeared first in 1906 only to be found by Isaac Bellthat has disappeared in order to clear the name of the man accused of stealing it the first time., Larry. In a debut police procedural set in Dallas, two detectives must find the kidnapped daughter of the citys mayor and the only clue is in her Biblethe word Wormwood--which leads them to other unsolved abductions of young women and a sinister cult., Judith. When the body of the director is found hanging onstage during the performance of a particularly gory play, London publisher Sam Clair decides to investigate who among his many enemies actually killed him in the latest in this funny, cozy series., 26.00) May. The true tale of the theft of rare bird specimens collected in the nineteenth century from the British Museum of Natural History in 2009, stolen by an American obsessed with the Victorian art of salmon fly-tying that calls for feathers of exotic birds.

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PI Samantha Reid is hired by an actor to find his missing wife and toddler who disappeared shortly before the nanny was murdered, but her investigation uncovers some unsavory doings in the couples marriage., Aimee. When a group of young mothers go out for a drink together, one of the babies goes missing, and the subsequent hunt for him uncovers secrets and lies, leading to destroyed friendships and marriages., Billy. A debut novel that is part psychological thriller, part ghost story about an artist who rents an old house on the west coast of Ireland that dates back to the Great Famine, and when she and friends use a Ouija board during a house party, they call up a spirit that refuses to leave., Nora. In the first of a new series, a septuagenarian librarian in a small Georgia town turns to the bookmobile when the local library is damaged by a storm, but when the eccentric benefactor interested in providing money for the repairs turns up bludgeoned to death, she must find a killer as the evidence stacks up., Daniel. In the second on this series, Countess Trixie is asked by the police in Prague in 1905 to help when her phone number turns up in the pocket of a decapitated magician, but later she is asked by Franz-Josef I to investigate the suicide of his son., Iona. When Inspector Darling is compelled to return to England for questioning in the death of a rear gunner under his command in 1943, Lane follows, and after he is charged with murder she finds herself caught between a return to a life she had happily left at the end of WWII and seeing the man she loves hanged.

The first in a new thriller series, featuring a CIA analyst turned field operative, who is in Iran to photograph a secret, hidden nuclear facility, but who soon finds himself on the run from both the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and his own teammates in U. In the second in this series featuring Poe as the detective, he receives an anonymous package containing three dead crows, leading him to believe that his nemesis is on his trail again, while at the same time he is investigating the murder of a bird collector., a recent widow, sets aside the large job that she has to help the sheriff look for a missing disabled girl, a search that becomes more serious when the body of a murdered man is found on her familys property in the third in this wonderful series set in 1960s North Dakota., Christine. In the first of a new series set in Victorian London, Florence Nightingale must find the killer who left one of her young nurses hanging in the library of the hospital where she is supervising.) May.

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