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None of the people I know who've dated online for a long time have ever experience any kind of identity theft or been caught in a net of lies.

Of course, this does happen to people but at a statistical level it needs to be proved or disproved. The straight and gay equation: We need more insights into the way straight and gay folks use online dating whether differently or similarly.

The article interviews many founders of online dating websites at length and while some of the research and experimenting behind it all makes quite an interesting read, it is the perspectives of actual people who date online that are absent.

We keep waiting for insights from those that have had success and failure on these sites and we get nothing, There is also an overarching sense that the author himself and some of the inventors of these sites that he interviews are, in fact, rather smug about having found mates without having to resort to the desperate chaos that reigns on the worldwide web.

The Internet-at-large is in the midst of a sea change, from an era dominated by search to one that prizes discovery.

In the decade past, it was enough to know everything.

Serendipity and coincidence are the photosynthesis of romance, hinting at some kind of supernatural preordination, the sense that two people are made for each other." Alas, Paumgarten cannot extend his imagination to the serendipity and fate which are at play when you log on, whom you click on, how that date pans out and what your mood was that day....1.

Most dates don't really take place without a few preliminary rounds of emailing.

If you pay me and and Lux to conduct a thorough investigation, we would all be rewarded with some answers.

Until then, this is just a blog about cringing at whats out there, and Nick Paumgarten, we aren't happy with what you've put out!

The better your writing skills, the better the flirting and general setting up of chemistry and charm.

There may be a grand paradox here; while the worldwide web seems to eclipse old fashioned modes of communication, online dating is bringing back the oldest kind - the art of the letter!

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Are the old mating rules and rituals still relevant?