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Nigerian muslim dating sites

'" On Palestinian TV (March 30, 2001) the preacher Dr.

The premise of the Oslo Accords was that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was not an irreconcilable religious war, but one over borders.Although Islam has positive references and traditions regarding Jews, the PA religious leaders have chosen to cite only negative references in their religious teaching, using the traditional sources to justify and even to demand uncompromising hatred of Jews and Israel.The religious ideology of the Palestinian Authority religious leaders can be summarized by eight essential principles: Regarding the Jews: Regarding Israel: - All of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea (which includes all of Israel) is a religious Waqf -- an Islamic religious trust.Shiekh Yuosouf Abu Sneina, official preacher of the Al Aqsa Mosque, referred to the Israeli cities of Haifa, Lod, Jerusalem, and Nazareth, on Palestinian Radio (April 30, 1999): "The Islamic Land of Palestine is one and cannot be divided.There is no difference between Haifa and Nablus, between Lod and Ramallah, between Jerusalem and Nazareth.

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