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Onlime dating sites

[Read: The 80 20 rule in marriage and your love life] #3 You have needs. Almost all the time, you find ways to satisfy these needs yourself, be it sexual or emotional.

You may accept them as a part and parcel of every relationship, but in reality, they can tear your marriage apart even before you realize it. If you’re in a happy marriage, your partner should be your true confidant.

The subtle signs of an unhappy marriage A marriage or a happy relationship never falls apart for one reason.

More often than not, even if you’re stuck in a marriage that doesn’t give you happiness, you’d choose to ignore the red signs.

There’s a thin line between expectations and reality.

Communicate with your partner and talk to your friends.

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In a secure relationship, both partners talk about their crushes and sexual fantasies with someone else without really feeling awkward about it.