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The longer you hold in your emotions the longer they will stick around...

just like that annoying drunk guest who won't leave the party after it's over.

Remember that developing a good habit is as infectious as starting a bad one and it won't be long before you simply can't go without that HIIT or yoga session in your day. Did you dance ballet, play the drums in your parent's basement or attend swim school?

Give your body the time it needs and introduce gentle movement into your daily routine.

We should never go for more than three days without exercise.

Our bodies were meant to move, so sitting down or lying in bed all day will not help.

We bypass all those annoying traits and label them as insignificant because our newly found partner makes us feel so good.

The problem here is that our commitment to the relationship is much stronger than our commitment towards our truth.

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One way which has helped me release emotions is through writing.

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