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As writer and film historian Alan K Rode said when her agent announced she had died on Friday at her Santa Monica home after a long illness: ''Jean's jaw-dropping beauty often obscured a formidable acting talent.'' Paying tribute to Ms Simmons actor Edward Fox said: ''She was one of my pin ups when I was young.

She was simply gorgeous, a real str, a true English girl and a very fine actress.

Her death will bring great sadness to her many fans.'' When legendary film maker David Lean cast her as the mischievous but aloof young Estella, companion to the reclusive Miss Haversham in Great Expectations, a nation of schoolboys quivered with anticipation when she shyly proffered her cheek to a wide-eyed Pip, primly telling him: ''You may kiss me if you like.'' Similarly, when she appeared naked from the back as the sultry slave girl in Spartacus, a generation of male movie-goers swooned.

If he could not have Simmons herself, he would instead keep steely control of her movie career.The thing that always stuck in my mind about Jean was her dignity.She belonged to that illustrious band of British actresses who were utter stars and were so very ladylike.By 1960 Simmons was at the peak of her career, starring in Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus, The Grass is Greener and Elmer Gantry.The latter was directed by Richard Brooks, who became her second husband.

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The result was Young Bess, in which she played Queen Elizabeth 1, The Robe, The Actress, The Egyptian and the big box office success Desiree in 1954 in which she played the title role opposite Brando's Napoleon.

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