Picasa not updating a folder the dating game macalua com

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Picasa not updating a folder

Some people couldn’t import pictures from their camera at all.

I use the free Picasa software to index all 2.7 million images currently on my servers here, and also for basic retouching and at events.Don’t worry, you won’t end up with two copies, it will just overwrite your existing software.It doesn’t touch your photos, everything will be just the same, you’ll just have the latest version of the program.picasa web album), this way google could spare a lot of cpu time .... The face detection (not recognition) should also be done on you PC: check the " Show only photos with faces", it's very fast, the only way to do this (and the smartest one) is to pre-detect faces on your photos during the indexing phase when picasa compute thumbnails.For the recognition part, I also suspect picasa3 to send some extra data with your photos: the face "features", these features are then used to classiy/recognize the face on the server side (i.e.

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picasa web album), this way google could spare a lot of cpu time .... One thing that doesn't work for me is, even though my My Pictures folder is watched/scan always, Picasa won't detect deleted folders- even refreshing thumbnails of deleted folders doesn't work. I have noticed that Picasa (v2 and 3) seems to delete images from the folder but leave the folder with the file - so the only way to delete the folder is to do it manually.

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