Publish myself on cam

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Publish myself on cam

Moreover, it is heavily spread with her own hard-won knowledge and experience gained by going through the process with her husband’s book. They capture hard-won knowledge and experience and make it available in an easily consumable form so saving you making the same mistakes or going off tangent.

People write for many reasons, but not everyone attempts to publish their work. V Cam employs throughout the book is self-assessment questionnaires.

Whether you want to write for your mind, your heart, your wallet or for the betterment of humankind, enjoy the journey that you are about to begin, because it can be incredi Do you have a unique story, talent, or idea that you want to share?

Whether you want to write for your mind, your heart, your wallet or for the betterment of humankind, enjoy the journey that you are about to begin, because it can be incredibly exciting and rewarding!

READ THIS BOOK IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE MOST INTUITIVE WAY TO SELF-PUBLISH YOUR BOOKThis book will give you the tips, tools, checklists, and templates to help make your self-publishing journey easier and better.

You will learn: - The advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing - Whether self-publishing is right for you - The seven steps to publish your book - The best practices on editing, cover design, formatting, and pricing - How to avoid costly mistakes - Where to get help and what tools to use - Self-publishing costs and how to save money - How much and when you get paid There are two books in the Because Self-Publishing Works series: Book 1: Everything I Learned About How to Publish a Book Book 2: Everything I Learned About How to Market a Book Each book stands alone.

If you want to grow your self-publishing business, then Book 2 will be more suitable. I'm always emphasizing on the importance of documenting your journey while trying your luck in a completely different field than your brain was adjusted to and this exemplary project sets a standard. Reading "Because" by Jack (Author's husband), I had no idea that I will be getting to read their publishing journey as well.

By doing so this she’s made the information more accessible, as well as presenting it in a logically structured style – you only need to read the Table Of Contents to see that.It's a really great overview of what exactly it takes to get a book to market. Self-publishing is now a very accepted way to bring your novel to market – even the most successful authors like JK Rowling are using this approach.I'm very much looking forward to the second in the series, which covers promoting your book once you get it out there - I always tell aspiring authors that promotion and marketing is 90% of the work if you want to be successful, so I'm very interested in what tips V. However, writing a novel to the standards demanded by readers is, in many writers minds, the biggest and principle issue they face.This book will definitely work for its readers for many reasons.1) It is an honest work. She just speaks about her experiences and that's what connects her with the readers.2) The book is well researched. And who knows they learn a few tricks from this book which they can use in their upcoming releases. Beginning with a cl This is an absolutely excellent book for any aspiring author wondering how self-publishing works and how to go about it.And yes, there are a few tips and tricks in here that those who've already taken the plunge will find helpful as well.

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Additionally, I felt chapters 6, 7, and 8 were rushed/sketchy and needed more attention.

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