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NFL Red Zone whips around every NFL game on Sunday afternoons delivering the touchdowns and most exciting moments live and in high definition.

NFL Red Zone and Hanson were widely praised by the fans and media during its first season, being called "By far, the most innovative sports television creation of 2009—or even the decade" by the Denver Post and "the greatest invention in the history of mankind" by Sports Illustrated.

Should you possess any questions regarding this new feature, please do not hesitate to ask. Now, when a Game Master contacts you, a special notification will appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, just to the left of your standard Mini-Map and above your beneficial Buff bar.

The appearance of this notification, known as a “GM Chat Request,” will signal a pending message from a member of our In-Game staff.

To access this message, simply click on the GM Chat Request icon and a special chat window will open which will allow you to have a secure conversation with the awaiting Game Master.

In this capacity, he reported on all major sports and wrote, produced and hosted a documentary on Washington, D. Outside of his broadcast career, Hanson is very involved in working with the unprivileged.If you are unable to view the GM Chat Request icon or GM chat window, we highly recommend that you reset your User Interface (UI) and ensure that all active Add Ons are up-to-date.For more information regarding the Reset UI process, please see the following article: With this new interface, it will be easier than ever to talk to one of our Game Masters without the distractions of busy scrolling chat text, and with full confidence that you are indeed in a conversation with a representative of Blizzard Entertainment. As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best service and security we possibly can, we have introduced a new Game Master Chat interface!Hanson graduated Cum Laude from Syracuse University’s S. Jason Galloway covers the Badgers football program for the Wisconsin State Journal.

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This window may be moved around and even closed at will.