Sanaa lathan and regina hall dating

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Sanaa lathan and regina hall dating

If more friends would love each other like that, there would be no room for envy and jeaulousy amongst women. Solange- she has hooked up with females she has met in clubs before. She was dealing with a stud who I know personally a few years back. She has come onto a couple of females that weren't gay/bi and lost them as friends for doing so.

I think it is wonderful that they really love one another, and are in no way threatened by the other's career. The episode will air again next week on the Oxygen channel. Sanaa Lathan- bi but prefers women...quite aggressive with it if she finds you attractive and thinks that u are down for it. Kelly- i could go into why and how I know, but I rather just leave it at that.

Basically, she likes who she likes and doesn't care but its no ones business. Kerry has struck me as the carefree type, where love=love and as long as you're happy.

However, I think she cares a lot about her career/image so there being little gossip and her being so private means, well I forgot where I was going...

In one interview when interviewer asked her about her family she said” likes everyone I also want a wonderful and charming family, one day I stare ahead to have a hubby and wishing to have a great companionship”.

In 2015 rumors of her and Arron Afflalo romance comes at media, but from the time when this news came to till right now this relation is a secret between them.

For many years she is in a relationship with her boyfriend named Damon Wayans.

Blind is reporting that Not only did Sanaa have a relationship with Actress Regina Hall MY WORD: I know for a fact that Denzel had sex with Sanaa ( and Eva Mendes as well as others) I also know that Regina was in Love with Sanaa........Hall’s house was being renovated and the construction ended up taking longer than planned.Regina further explains that Sanaa was nice enough to let her dog stay at her house as well.The talented actress addressed rumors that she was in a lesbian relationship with Sanaa Lathan. native explained that the rumors started after she revealed that she was living with Sanaa.Regina explained that the rumors were false yet she did live with Sanaa. Hall says that they are like sisters so while Lathan was away at work, Regina stayed at her house.

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Keyshia Cole- gets butch behind the scenes Meagan Good- I've heard she doesn't give very good head but she has attempted to do it before.