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He continued: 'I stopped being prime minister at a relatively young age.At the time, I didn’t even consider retirement and I continued doing things and I feel I still have things to do.'I am delighted with the role that the Quartet has given me and with the opportunity to help solve a conflict which on the one hand is so explosive and on the other hand whose solution is so simple in my view, two states for two people.'And when his current diplomatic role ends, Blair says he has no intention of quitting public life adding: 'It’s not even under consideration.First elected to Congress in 1994, Sanford left when he was elected Governor of South Carolina in 2002, defeating Democratic incumbent Jim Hodges. As governor, Sanford had a contentious relationship with the South Carolina legislators.Notably, Sanford unsuccessfully and unpopularly attempted to reject 0 million in stimulus funds for South Carolina from the 2009 Recovery Act. His parents were Marshall Clement Sanford Sr., a cardiologist, and his wife, the former Peggy Pitts.Speaking to the Calcalist Hebrew language business daily, Mr Blair, who bought his first mobile on leaving Downing Street, said: 'Today my Blackberry is everything to me, so much so that one day Leo asked me: 'Dad, who do you love more, me or the phone?' 'But nowadays I don’t really have a choice but to stay connected to it all the time.Sanford was unopposed by Democratic candidates in 19.

He founded Norton and Sanford Real Estate Investment, a leasing and brokerage company, in 1992, and still owns the company.

'When I was in Number 10 I saw him more because we all lived together in the same house.

Today I am travelling most of the time and so naturally contact with him is harder.'But Mr Blair has no intention of stopping, saying he is working harder now than during his ten-year premiership and that finds it easier to concentrate on matters that really interest him now he no longer has an entire country to run.

He was also recognized by Citizens Against Government Waste, as well as the National Tax Payers Union, for his efforts to rein in government spending and reduce the national deficit.

He voted against pork barrel projects even when they benefited his own district; in 1997, he voted against a defense appropriations bill that included funds for Charleston's harbor.

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It’s my way of keeping in touch with home when I’m here,' said Mr Blair, who spends one week each month in Jerusalem.