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Dubbed Papyrus Salt 124, the document dates to about 1200 B. Even allowing for bias in Amennakht’s complaint, it was a remarkable accusation.It might be the oldest recorded instance of a party lodging accusations of sexual misconduct as grounds for dismissal, meaning that over 3,000 years after it was written, it is relevant like never before.Meet one of ancient Egypt’s greatest recorded villains, a master craftsman named Paneb.He resided in a tiny village, nestled in a desert valley on the west bank of the Nile, across from the major city of Thebes.Why hadn’t I heard mention of it, not even in passing, growing up in a household full of Middle Eastern cooking traditions? Mostly because of the strange juxtaposition of memories and place, but also because the sugary foam topping off that cup was so delicious and now it was gone. I didn’t return to the States without first picking up a tin of ‘authentic’ Turkish coffee, whatever that was.It simply looked like finely ground, very brown espresso. Given an extended stay in Central Europe (especially in Germany) you’ll inevitably be exposed to a vast diaspora of ethnic Turks who have been carving out a unique cultural presence since the 1960s.She took to my interest with such enthusiasm that she gifted me an Ibrik, the crucial tool to recreate authentic Turkish coffee.

Don’t make the mistake of arguing where it originated first.

Most Lebanese and Syrians will drink a similar variety of coffee, flavored with cardamom, but nothing I tried was as indulgently rich as the coffee I remembered.

I found some luck with a family friend who runs a bakery and kitchen.

I did what everyone does when they have this espresso impostor for the first time. My mouth was filled with this disgusting texture of muddy coffee grounds.

I reached for the water immediately, not without first having a flashback to something curiously familiar.

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Back in the States, it wasn’t so easy to find an expert on preparing Turkish coffee.

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  1. Lead author of the paper announcing the development Tristen Jones, a Ph. candidate at the Australian National University said: “The results are exciting as although they generally support the chronology and assumed antiquity for the NRF art style, they provide minimum ages which suggest that the art style is actually a few thousand years older than what was anticipated, they also demonstrate that the art style was painted over a considerably long period.

  2. Being a teenager is tricky enough, and having confirmation that you’re not “broken”, just different, is incredibly helpful.’ Heteroromantic Lisa Smith, a 31-year old author of young-adult fiction from Buckinghamshire, has encountered similar prejudice. A lot of men don’t believe asexuality exists and I get no end of messages calling me “frigid” or saying I just “haven’t met the right man yet”. I had one that said, “You have a face like a bag of smashed crabs, so it’s no loss.”’ When Lisa told her parents two years ago that she was asexual, they suggested she seek the advice of a psychosexual therapist.

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