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I recently met a 22 year-old female through my older sister.We started going to the gym together and after a while and she told me that she takes an enema occasionally to help clean out her system.Note the similarity of penetration, depositing of fluid, increased abdominal volume, possibly some abdominal cramping (labor pains) and expulsion of the enema fluid which is doubly symbolic of both the "waters breaking" and delivery.Experienced sex therapists would classify what you described as "sex play" and "sexual experimentation." Enemas are not sex play of choice of lesbians, and are independent of gender.Send some e-mail if you have any further suggestions or try our search function if you can't find what you are looking for.We have a couple of website sponsors that sell enema equipment.I am a 17 year-old high school student in California and I love to go to the gym and I'm really into keeping fit.My older sister is the same and sometimes I go to the gym with her and her friends.

She got out some 'equipment' and filled a bag and handed it to me and asked me if I would insert the tube into her anus for her.Check out the enema information and advice in the "Enema Tips and Techniques" section.There are also some mixtures in the "enema recipes" section and some advice about different enema equipment.Enema Tips is meant to convey some information about enemas.How to use an enema, why to use an enema, what to use to give or receive an enema, and even some enema "recipes".

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