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The dog and Preston had help persuade juries more than 100 times.

At one time Preston even said that his dog had the ability to track a scent under water.

He also didn’t help volunteers, police and her family search for her in a wooded area near the couple’s home.

After one of the searches, Pernice allegedly went to a Northland bar to pick up a takeout order and asked the bartender to turn the television to local news.

But John Preston testified in court that his scent-tracking German-Shepherd connected Dillon to the killer’s bloody t-shirt.

Preston also claimed that his dog, tracked Dillon’s scent again in later tests.

Shon Pernice’s attorney revealed in court Tuesday that Shon had argued with Renee in their Northland home on Jan. Shon hit her once in the head, and she tumbled down a flight of stairs. Renee’s mother, Linda Lockwood, cried as Shon Pernice, 39, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in Clay County Circuit Court.

When the search story came on, Pernice said the searchers would not find Renee Pernice in those woods.

And days after Renee disappeared, Shon Pernice was seen kissing a woman while gambling at a Northland casino, authorities said at an earlier court hearing.

“The tears come from the sadness of knowing my daughter was murdered,” she said after the hearing, adding that “there was never any doubt” in their minds.

Though happy that Shon Pernice will go to prison, “that will never be enough,” she said, “because there is nothing that can bring our daughter back no matter how much time he will spend.” After the hearing, authorities said they believe that Shon Pernice put Renee’s body in a trash bag and dumped it in a trash bin in the Northeast area of Kansas City.

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Renee Pernice’s sudden disappearance in January 2009 gripped the Kansas City area.