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Shon pernice dating

More than three years after their daughter vanished, the parents of Renee Pernice finally learned Tuesday what happened.

As they had feared and long suspected, their son-in-law killed her.

The dog and Preston had help persuade juries more than 100 times.

At one time Preston even said that his dog had the ability to track a scent under water.

When the search story came on, Pernice said the searchers would not find Renee Pernice in those woods.

And days after Renee disappeared, Shon Pernice was seen kissing a woman while gambling at a Northland casino, authorities said at an earlier court hearing.

Her parents thanked the detectives for their work, and they hugged.

“His intent was not to kill her.” Her family gathered with detectives in a foyer outside the courtroom after the plea.

But John Preston testified in court that his scent-tracking German-Shepherd connected Dillon to the killer’s bloody t-shirt.

Preston also claimed that his dog, tracked Dillon’s scent again in later tests.

Renee Pernice’s sudden disappearance in January 2009 gripped the Kansas City area.

Dozens of volunteers helped scour woods for her body, which authorities never found despite weeks of searching, billboard requests for tips and a ,000 reward offer.

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The sister then called the Pernice home and was startled when Shon Pernice answered.