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The move was clumsy and unpopular, but its consequences were profound.Within a few years, Central emerged as a powerhouse that snatched up National Merit Scholarships and math-competition victories just as readily as it won trophies in football, track, golf.Central had successfully achieved integration, the district had argued—it could be trusted to manage that success going forward.Freed from court oversight, Tuscaloosa's schools have seemed to move backwards in time.James Dent's daughter Melissa graduated from Central in 1988, during its heyday, and went on to become the first in her family to graduate from college.But on that sunlit day last October, as Dent searched for Melissa's daughter in the procession coming into view, he saw little to remind him of that era. Looking for new ways to meet professional people like yourself in the River Region? Join Hot Spots Montgomery for Speed Dating on the Harriott on Saturday, April 23rd at p.m.

Central retains the name of the old powerhouse, but nothing more.

It was facilitated, to some extent, by the city's black elites. Certainly what happened in Tuscaloosa was no accident. Schools in the South, once the most segregated in the country, had by the 1970s become the most integrated, typically as a result of federal court orders.

But since 2000, judges have released hundreds of school districts, from Mississippi to Virginia, from court-enforced integration, and many of these districts have followed the same path as Tuscaloosa's — back toward segregation.

homecoming parade from the porch of his faded-white bungalow, it had been years since he'd bothered.

But last fall, Dent's oldest granddaughter, D' Leisha, was vying for homecoming queen, and he knew she'd be poking up through the sunroof of her mother's car, hand cupped in a beauty-pageant wave, looking for him.

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The reason for the decline of Central's homecoming parade is no secret.