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To liquidating

Jawbone was in the process of making a shift to making "clinical-grade" wearable devices that could measure vitals like blood pressure, but the company was having trouble getting the device to work properly, sources told Business Insider.It's unclear if Jawbone Health Hub will continue work on the device.Toys R Us also attempted to turn itself into a top destination once again, creating play areas where kids could try out toys, and introducing augmented reality to make its products come alive on screens as well as shelves. While it's been years since Toys R Us was considered the only game in town when it came to picking up a birthday gift or treat, the disappearance of the one-time icon is one that many shoppers are likely to feel.

Your stockbroker can execute the sale orders or you can do so using an online brokerage account.When you look at your stock portfolio, make note of the number of shares you own of each company's stock and their current value.If you own a large number of shares or if the share value has appreciated significantly, you should work with a stockbroker to liquidate your portfolio for a number of reasons.In either case, you can specify the lowest acceptable sales price per share using special order types.Your broker will provide a confirmation for the sale of your shares.

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The Information was the first to report the news of Jawbone's liquidation. Jawbone stopped producing its fitness trackers last year, according to sources familiar with the company. Jawbone sold its remaining inventory to a third-party reseller at a reduced price in order to generate much-needed revenue, sources said.

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