Too intimidating

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I imagine starting this project took some bravery, but it's working. Btw, contrary to the comment about SJW mentality: I didn't hear it.

And I am very sensitive to the mentality & largely detest it, while acknowledging the good intentions.

After all of those hours, I have learned that the case law means absolutely nothing. You can have dozens of case laws to support you and it doesn't mean anything if no one will listen.

For example: I have been detained by police over 20 times in a 2 year time span. According the police I "look suspicious" which is nothing more than a euphemism for their particular bias.

According to the law (California), a person can refuse certain commands if it is not in the lawful performance of duty, yet, when you exercise the law, you are still punished.) Similar to idea #1, the deal here is to consciously get you to pay attention to each and every transaction you’re making.With the “no spend” challenge, you’re only allowed to pay for things that are necessities (rent, mortgage, utilities, etc), and your goal is to stay away from anything out side of that such as eating out or shopping, or even going to the movies.I agree with one of the comments that the court is not meant to be a silent arbitor but an integral part of the checks and balances of our government.If not them deciding what is Constitutional, then who?

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People were being disenfranchised by not getting the representation they deserved.