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Toyman dating

(Review by Robur)An ad featuring the Scooby gang had some female masking.Against the 90s Cartoon Network logo, Fred Velma and Shaggy have caught a monster, and unmask it to reveal Daphne.(Review by Wile E2005)Dead Ringers "The Stimpsons" (2005).A cheesy parody segment spoofing on BBC-2 losing the rights of "The Simpsons" to rival Channel 4 begins with a very obvious knock-off of the Simpsons with four crudely-animated Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa look-alikes, but then "Lisa" explains this knock-off isn't fooling anybody, and it's revealed that they are actually existing animated characters wearing masks: "Homer" is actually cartoon pirate Captain Pugwash, "Marge" is children's book character Mr. " and "The Bet") of this French-produced series based on the Italian comic (coming soon to FOX in Fall 2000) had Diabolik's girlfriend use masks.When his ruse is discovered and the rest of the party heads for the hills, the "girl" remains, but takes off her mask and dress revealing she too is a ghost, resulting in a happy ending for Casper. " When the wolf unmasks for the final time and confesses, the ram yells he's a wolf, and goes after the wolf. (Review by Wile E2005)"California Dreamin' (All the Cleves are Brown)" (2013).

She splits in two in the end revealing the tiny evil professor. Steve Smith disguises as an old lady to avoid his father Stan Smith, but unfortunately for him, Stan sees through the disguise as “she” leaves the deli, pounces on him and unmasks him.Steve tells his father that he had been in Roger’s makeup chair at 4 AM to have his mask applied. The Warner siblings, Yakko, Wakko and Dot keep pestering their schoolteacher, Miss Flameel.At the end, the teacher orders Ralph the Guard to take the Warners away, locked in a crate. At the end, as part of Fred’s elaborate plan to catch the villain, Daphne and Velma mask up as each other!In “The Case of the Snooty Star,” Droopy masquerades as the movie starlet Melody Stardust so the villain Oliver J. (Review by Wile E2005) This show seems obsessed with rubber masks, particularly cross-gender ones.The evil King Chicken (voice of Tim Curry) often turns up in disguise as some luscious girl.

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At one scene, he disguises himself with a full body suit to look like a female news reporter, which he abruptly peels off by the top similar to a latex mask.

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