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There are a number of things you can do to improve performance and get the results you want when using the MODIFY statement.

For more information, see Combining SAS Data Sets: Basic Concepts in .

If the KEY= value is not found, the automatic variable _ERROR_ is set to 1, and the automatic variable _IORC_ receives the value corresponding to the SYSRC autocall macro's mnemonic _DSENOM.

You can use the POINT= option in the MODIFY statement to name a variable from another data source (not the master data set), whose value is the number of an observation that you want to modify in the master data set.

MODIFY uses the values of the POINT= variable to retrieve observations in the data set that you are modifying.

The sequential access method is the simplest form of the MODIFY statement, but it provides less control than the direct access methods.

With the sequential access method, you can use the NOBS= and END= options to modify a data set; you do not use the POINT= or KEY= options.

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