Updating kde menu Daddys girl chat bot

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Updating kde menu

Pardon me if i'm pointing out the obvious, just trying to be clear. I think it was a broken menu item in /usr/share/applications, I suspect this had nothing to do with package conflicts.

I right-clicked on the app-launcher icon and opened the "KDE Menu Editor". KMenuedit should work though - maybe we'll get some interesting output when you start it via the commandline and try to edit the entries again. I did a search and the file does not exist anywhere. I just installed Open SUSE 11.0 (although I did have 11.0 beta on here and although it said it was reformatting the boot/install partition, that may have led to only an update?

I do not want to reinstall the entire system or downgrade KDE. Is this a new install, if so did you check the MD5sum before installing?

If it's true that a new user has the same problem than I'm afraid the problem lies in your installation.

Having many repositories could cause problems like you have now. The configuration has worked fine ever since I installed 11.3, and that was shortly after it was released.

My guess is that it is either a configuration error or kde version conflict somewhere.

Whenever I add a program through Muon or `apt-get`, it doesn't show up in the menu. I tries adding them, but when I pressed save, it said it was updating the configuration.

For example, I installed Opera from a deb package and Code:: Blocks from the repositories, and neither of them are in the menu. Whenever the progress bar reached 90%, it reset to 0%.

The repositories from buildservice rarely cause conflicts and they mainly contain additional packages or some updated versions of certain programs and inherit packages from the default repos. Why should having many repositories cause a problem in KDE? buildservice-openoffice: Only updated version of openoffice buildservice-perl: Additional perl packages. Only 5 packages are installed from this, same packages are installed on 2 other systems that work fine.I have experienced this bug with both Atom and Discord, and have noticed that if you spam the menu buttons, eventually the menu will appear, but quickly close.I'm attempting to test this out but I don't see the issue as describe above on atom 1.21.0 and 1.15.0 see gif on 1.21.0(same as behavior as 1.15.0): After Electron upgrade 1.6.14 I see the same thing but some things on the menu kind of work, but not most things.one build service repo that has some app you WANT, also has a custom version of something you have installed but is not necessary for the install of the app you seek.Therefore if a "update all" in yast2 installs anything that seems newer. I did a a diff of "rpm -qa | sort" and checked what packages were different from a working machine, there were a few differences, I uninstalled a few packages including spotify which is not from a repo, and the menu is back.

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