Updating operating system software

Posted by / 20-Aug-2017 22:44

Easy, simple and quick way to replace existing traditional knob sets, and upgrade them with a state of the art electronic access control system with SALTO's cartridge cylindrical latch.

Its unique ‘sandwich body’ design also makes for easy installation, without having to replace the door.They read encrypted data from the carriers and then communicate it to the door controllers.They also allow for updating of the carriers via SALTO Virtual Network technology.It combines the highest safety along with ease of use and installation.SALTO XS4 PBF110 series exit devices are UL listed for Panic Hardware and Fire Exit Hardware and are certified according to ANSI A156.3, 2001, Grade 1.

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It includes integrated electronic detection to monitorize in real-time the door status, providing an easy to install solution without any additional hardware or drilling needs.