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I should note also that making a portable company file has no affect on your TLG file – BUT if you RESTORE a portable company file, it won’t match the TLG file and the TLG file will be reset.

Here is a company file (fairly small) and a TLG file before making the backup: Here are the files after a manual backup with the verify option on.

A good QBB backup and matching TLG file may be what you need to get back to the point before the damage occurred, and then move forward to your current state.

Note that if you delete the TLG file, Quick Books will just start another, but it will have limited use as it is incomplete.

From that point on the TLG file will grow again, holding all transactions since that backup. Quick Books will only delete the TLG file if you make a backup with the verify option on.

They were using Quick Books in multi-user mode, and possibly after a Quick Books update and/or an Admin password change, all the users became unable to access certain data in the company file once they signed in.

As a side note, you may also see a file with an ND file type – this is the Net Connect file, containing information that relates to multi user access to your company file. In your normal day-to-day operation of Quick Books, the TLG file is of no use to you. If your company file is erased or damaged, the TLG file can be used in conjunction with your most recent backup to restore transactions that were entered since that backup. Some options that you have are: Each of these services have a cost – a fee that you will have to pay, and a turnaround time during which you cannot use your Quick Books company file to add or change ANY information.

You don’t have a way to look at it, your use of Quick Books won’t be affected by its presence. Note that I have of these services for this kind of recovery. I believe that you have to take advantage of every opportunity for data security that you possibly can.

One has a file type of “QBW” – that is your actual company data file.

Another that is created has a file type of “TLG”, and that is the source of some confusion as well as some misunderstandings. As you use your Quick Books company file it is being updated with the transactions that you enter.

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This field contains sensitive information and must be fixed.” This issue is a common known bug and was most likely caused by a QB update that enforced an encryption policy, which then produced an encryption error that happens after changing the Admin password.

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