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Updating your java

The Administrator on the profile needs to login to Business On Line.

Below is a video to help guide you through the setup process.

If you are a little curious and explore the Collector's API and documentation, at least for me, it's quite confusing but fortunately we are provided with usefull implementations.

For our example we want an innocent list and we don´t care about other stuff, so it's ok.

Do you run Add/Remove Programs to delete the older versions of the JDK/JRE? I have been able to scuccessfully remove older JREs from Add/Remove Programs, but I get errors if I try and remove the JDK. @dstranathan For the system environmental variables, that sounds about right.

Our goal is to upgrade Java without losing our environment (including our metrics) in our existing projects. so if you just change your java version and compile as Java 8 everything is wonderful.

We all know the efforts made by the Java team to allow retrocompatibility (maybe… BUT I dare you to go to your largest project and replace the first (and horrible) loop with a (beautiful) lambda and see what happens…

This week marks a significant milestone in that effort: It is the responsibility of individual update site maintainers to decide if and when they follow this migration process.

The following update sites are known to cause conflicts when enabled with the Java-8 update site.

updating your java-84updating your java-7updating your java-78

When looking at the JCE page on Oracle's Java site ( it doesnt appear that the JCE files are In fact, it appears to still be the same JCE files I installed back in October. also - When you patch the Java JDK on your JSS servers, do you just run the updates from the Java control panel (Win) & Pref Pane (Mac)- or do you actually download and install the full JDK installer again?