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Vintage tupperware dating

Optional features include novelty 1950s floral patterns or deep tomato stains, from that time someone put leftover chili in there and shoved it in the back of the freezer for two years.One thing I enjoy doing is thinking about all the different kinds of food a particular piece of Tupperware has tupperwared shut over the years. Dirk van der Werff on Jul 25, Fabulous idea and walkthrough But the school decides to give each of them community service arrangements in order to stay in school.

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Flower delivery London on Mar 2, it is so interesting art.

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So I wondered – is there a market for vintage Tupperware? I found over 3,900 pieces of vintage Tupperware for sale.

I love to travel, and many years ago when the Guardian newspaper first launched their online edition I won a contest to spend six months travelling around the world for them, writing about my travels as I went. This is the ad for my column that they ran in the paper.

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