What to expect when dating a farmer

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I am learning as I go and I’m trying to become more gracious and understanding as the years and farming seasons go by, because truthfully I didn’t/don’t know what I signed up for when I married my farmer. I didn’t grow up on a farm or in a farming community.It is not my intention to demean anyone else’s story or struggles, so you don’t need to tell me how good I have it, because I know I do but I’m allowed to struggle through life and so are you.I think it’s important for everyone to have their “me” time, but I have to be very flexible about when I get mine (even when I get to take a shift at work).We can have a party planned or a date and things get cancelled instantaneously if something needs to be done at the farm instead. This plays off the last point and if it’s a really important thing like Braden’s first T-ball practice ever, Jay will try and make a point of being there even though he could have/should have been working, but typically the weather rules the roost in our family.

I met my farmer going to university in 2004, and when he graduated 6 years ago, we made the permanent move to the farm.Farmers can never commit to things unless the forecast allows them to.I know there are many careers where husbands work out of town or overseas for weeks and months and years on end, and yes—I know what I signed up for marrying a grain farmer—but this is a reflection of my life and my story and how it affects me and only me.It’s a funny feeling when a moment you’ve dreamed about your whole life, imagined, and built up is suddenly imminent. I wanted to slow everything down so that I wouldn’t miss a second of it.After months of hard graft, and quite literally, blood, sweat, and sometimes, something close to tears, it was time to discover if their labour would pay off.

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Farming is very time-sensitive, and I respect that, so when the weather is nice or a storm is coming…guys have to work.

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