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I knew how hard Jack worked, and I willed the bidding to reflect that.

As an occasional contributor to RTÉ’ Radio One’s “Country Wide” programme, I was delighted when they invited me to be a part of its Culture Night special — a live recording in the beautiful Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle.

After a week or so it just becomes routine doing everything, but I still miss having that support, especially as our kids get older and have school and sports to be taken to.

There’s weeks at a time where the only outings I get are with the kids.

We more-often-than-not take their last names and join their families.

In my case, I left behind a life in the city that I really loved, a job in the pediatric operating room that I still miss very much to this day, the friends I grew up with, the friends I made in university and at work, and of course my own family.

We know it's rewarding, but if we are being honest, it's hard. When you live a life where your livelihood depends on your care and your time, it means the days don't start at 8 and they certainly don't end at 5.

But that is the reality of being a farmer and it can be lonely.

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I grew up in a small town really close to a major city (10 minutes away) and I bought a condo and lived in that city for 2 years after I graduated university.