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As an actress the fans are already seeing me in different ways because I'm playing someone else.So it's important for me to be myself when it comes to my music. I started acting in my grandmother's living room when I was 4.I also think bullying is a very present message in the film.We have people out here hurting others and hurting themselves as a result of it.Antonique, what message do you hope comes across to the viewers through their experience with this film? Antonique Smith: Ultimately, the way it ends says a lot about forgiveness and the ability to change, and I think those are the most important messages of the movie.All the characters go through a change and come out better for it in the end.

The East Orange, New Jersey native is kick-butt amazing in her latest project, and she discusses what it was like to work on fight scenes, her on-set relationships, and even a little musical secret, exclusive to All Hip Hop.com: All Hip Hop.com: Wow, so the first question I have for you is about that powerful fight scene at the beginning of the movie! Antonique Smith: Oh my gosh, every single thing about this set was so unglamorous (laughter).A little background on this fresh face we've seen, but don't know much about: Antonique was raised in the church and taught herself to sing by listening to Whitney Houston records.The 29-year-old tells us that Whitney was her "first vocal coach" since she mimic'd her voice to learn rifts and runs.I also practiced quite a bit on the punching and everything, too, but it was fun! But it was also nice to an extent not to have all that stuff on. All Hip Hop.com: How was it working with Zoe Kravitz? The conditions were so cold that it was sort of a lot to do deal with.You two not only really seemed to have an actual bond on camera, but you also really looked like biological sisters. But we all just sort of hung in there and got closer.

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I loved digging in to the different layers of this character. She was so cool, I’m from East Orange and bubbly and silly and goofy!