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Who is jon stevens dating

Skeptics argued that Corzine should have followed the example of his predecessor Robert Rubin, who converted his equity stake into debt upon leaving Goldman.

During Corzine's campaign for the United States Senate, he made some controversial off-color statements.

Forrester, a businessman and a former Mayor of West Windsor Township, in Mercer County, won 43%.

Corzine received 1,224,493 votes to Forrester's 985,235.

He became a partner in 1980 and a member of the Management Committee in 1984.

He served as Goldman Sachs’ CFO from 1991-1994 and then as Senior Partner from 1994-1999. Corzine oversaw the firm’s expansion into Asia and was instrumental in leading the transition of the firm from a private partnership to a public company. After being forced from Goldman Sachs in January 1999, Corzine campaigned for a New Jersey Senate seat after Frank Lautenberg announced his retirement.

The main campaign issues were property taxes and the Bush administration.

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He supported providing a two-year tax break to victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks and help grant citizenship to victims who were legal resident aliens. Senator Sam Brownback, of the Darfur Accountability Act.

He supported gun control laws, outlawing racial profiling, and subsidies for Amtrak. He was one of 23 Senators to vote against the Iraq War Resolution. Naval Academy graduate who was killed by a drunk driver.

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Alfano reported that when introduced to a lawyer named David Stein, Corzine said: "He's not Italian, is he?