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They meet up once more in the 1960s, only this time both wonder whether or not it’s worth getting together again.

Largely a Streisand vehicle – she won the Oscar for her popular title song – Redford nonetheless was the beneficiary of the film’s massive success.

The second and final pairing between Redford and Newman, this blockbuster caper comedy directed by George Roy Hill was undoubtedly the most successful film of the actor’s career.

Redford was a young grifter who enlists the help of a washed-up con man (Newman) to avenge the murder of an old friend by the hand of a ruthless Irish mobster (Robert Shaw).

I got the class workbook and homework (“interactive assignments”, some to be completed by acting with fellow students, in person or via Skype). If you are coming too close to some realisation about yourself that is painful, it’s like sitting on a hot furnace: you jump off.”But Dustin’s big take-home message was still to come: “I don’t want to see someone being a prick without showing the prick in them … ” added Joanna Ke, a “storyteller”, also from Los Angeles. It was Brad, with thrilling news: “Dustin is critiquing student work!

I got a lovely email from a chap called Brad, the “community manager”, inviting me to “reach out” and sign up to the Facebook group and Twitter feed.(Brad didn’t bother with the formality of a surname, but given the celebrity-packed nature of Master Class, I wasn’t discounting the possibility it was Pitt.)Best of all, I got Dustin himself, online, on video, telling me: “Hi, my name is Dustin Hoffman, welcome to my master class.”He was in his armchair, looking relaxed, much younger than his 77 years and, frankly, with the swimming pool behind him, rich. And that was before the wisdom and tips.“The whole idea of the unconscious,” said Dustin, “is that it’s unconscious. He’ll pick examples he thinks the class can benefit from most… film yourself performing scenes from the Jerry Maguire script at the bottom of the lesson plan – ‘You Complete Me’ or ‘I Love Him’.”Dustin may have missed my Christmas tree, but there was no way he was missing my prick-embracing ‘You Complete Me’.

With an Oscar-winning script by Eugene Mc Carthy speechwriter, Jeremy Lerner, A poignant, albeit weepy romance tinged with politics, The Way We Were was a hugely popular film that helped cement Redford’s place as a major star.

The film was the top-grossing film in 1969 and went on to earn six Academy Award nominations, winning three including Best Screenplay for William Goldman.Though he went home empty-handed, the film won seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.was an unconventional spy movie that featured a reluctant hero thrown into a web of intrigue without really knowing what he’s up against.A charming film, showed a lighter side to Redford’s persona before his string of dark thrillers the following decade.The title refers to Redford’s character finally cutting loose by getting drunk, skipping work and running shoeless in Washington Square Park.

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Redford played Paul, a newly married man who happens to be a hard-working stuffed shirt, while Fonda played his spontaneous and free-spirited new bride.