Windows 2016 reverse dns not updating

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After I have the two objects, I’ll then change the IPV4 address on the new object to represent the IP address it has changed to.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as simply setting a string.

The IPV4Address property requires a type of System. IPAddress in order to successfully make the change.

DHCP log will show many failures (31), DNS debug log shows very little but many (noerror).

Before we get too far, you need to be aware of a few prerequisites.

First, I’m assuming you have permissions to read, modify, and remove DNS records from your Windows servers.

First, we’ll need to get two identical objects representing a DNS record.

I'm not seeing failures but will my DHCP DNS renewals fail because of the reverse DNS?And what's the benefit or disadvantage or using a large reverse DNS lookup zone?Thanks in advance -Lisa Sent: Friday, April 29, 2016 AMTo: [email protected] Subject: [Active Dir] Dynamic DNS randomly not updating. DHCP log will show many failures (31), DNS debug log shows very little but many (noerror).I’m testing this in an Active Directory domain called mylab.local so, naturally, a mylab.local DNS zone has already been created on my domain controller.I’ll use the cmdlet to query that DNS zone on the domain controller called DC. It looks like I can successfully pull all of the DNS records from a particular zone.

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:p Sent from my i Phone On Apr 29, 2016, at AM, Danny CS I would break down the DC cluster you mention and then test the whole scenario again...

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