Wow patch updating failed

Posted by / 04-Mar-2017 05:34

These missing Windows patches are identified from the local vulnerability database, which is periodically synchronized with Manage Engine's external online vulnerability database.Most often the patches are deployed in a test environment before they are rolled out to the entire network. When you have a team of system administrators, you can ensure that the patches tested by the team is directly approved for deployment, providing admins more time for other critical tasks.

It reports the level of vulnerability after the scan.It provides information required for patch scanning and installation.The Desktop Central Server located at the enterprise (customer site) scans the systems in the enterprise network, checks for missing and available Windows patches against the comprehensive vulnerability database, downloads and deploys missing Microsoft patches and service packs, generates reports to effectively manage the patch management process of the enterprise.Automate your patch-management process using Desktop Central's automated patch deployment feature.You can now automatically deploy missing patches on the computers in your network.

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