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Throughout the entire four seasons, she is portrayed by the same person.Miley is a farm girl from Tennessee who moved to Malibu, California to live her dream.At the beginning of the show, she wouldn't even let her father date.Even though they are loving to each other, they do have their fights like in Ready, Set, Don't Drive, where she says "I hate you" to him for the only time in the series.She also created Hannah so that people won't like her just for being famous, and so that when she walks out on the streets, she won't get mobbed by fans or paparazzi.

Miley and her father and her brother moved to Los Angeles, California after her mom died, in about fifth grade and attended Seaview Elementary, Middle, and High School, and they bought a Malibu beach house.

She moved to live her dream, which is to be a pop star, although she is only famous while being Hannah Montana, her alter ego.

She created her so that she can live her dream while being a normal teenager at the same time, while going to public school.

Miley loves cheese and her most over-used pick up line is, "Do you like cheese? " Miley has a several amount of family, but the only members that live near her in California are her, her father Robby Ray, and her brother Jackson.

The rest live in Tennessee, where Miley spent for the first eleven years of her life. Miley's mother died when she was ten and she misses her very much.

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She doesn't like being embarrassed or disliked, especially with people she likes.

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